Monday, December 31, 2018


Everett was invited to a swim birthday party for a preschool friend

Letters to Santa

I want a barbie with a dog that can have babies and a leash please. I need snow for Christmas please. I'll wear a sweater please. I'll read a book about fairy's please. And I would really like you to bring me a toy baby with a crib and a real bottle. 

Our Christmas movie the first Sunday of December

All decorated for Christmas and for the kids to find the next morning

Let the packages start arriving...even if I can't open my door. It's okay

Everett got the Quiet Independent Worker award

See that truck on the news? That's my dad's truck! There was a high speed chase in Ogden where he works and it ended with the guy running his car into the back of my dad's truck. There was some shooting involved, so my dad had to bend over in his seat. Such a scary thing, but thankfully he was safe!

Getting ready for the Christmas parties we are planning. These are the fun photo booth props

Just doing some bubble guppy reading

Love this dude

We signed Variah up for Ice Skating lessons at an outdoor ice rink in Herriman

She did free skate for the first 30 minutes and then lessons the last 30 minutes. 

We watched her from the sidelines during the free skate then watched a movie in the car during her lessons. 

All bundled up in a Christmas blanket

My good friend Cindy sent this cute shirt to Nevaya

The tower of all towers!

Our Pancakes and Plaid Taylor Family Christmas party we hosted at our Church

Variah did a service project and tied a bunch of quilts to give to people in need

We have good neighbors who use their snowblowers to clean the snow off of our driveway and sidewalks

Variah made this doll to represent her ancestry of Italy

Our neighbor gifts-popcorn with some special salt in a container in the jar. 

Cleaning out the pantry

Opening up his Christmas gift from Miss Andrea

Here is the poster Variah made showing what she did for her service project

I hosted book club and put together a charcuterie board-so easy but it looks impressive

We exchanged small gifts

Annie asked me to make cookies for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary dinner 

I love library time with the kids

Getting sibling gifts for Christmas at Dollar Tree

Lunch after our shopping trip

This is a poster Variah made in her Spanish class 

Rudolph Everett visited after preschool

And Rudolph Nevaya did too

Everett is always so good to let Nevaya join him in his pictures

Oh I love this sleeping face

I got a package in this bag and of course we had to see Nevaya inside

Making some Christmas cookies to take to people

We took them to the Police officers of Herriman

Everett chatting it up with someone at Ice Skating lessons. He makes friends wherever he goes

Filling out more letters to Santa

Variah's cute drawing of our family

We don't have any artwork in our bedroom so she took it upon herself to add some for us

I decided to try making a peppermint striped cake

Curly Curly hair

All dressed in their Christmas outfits

Merry Christmas Sunday from the Taylors

Bham Christmas party

Acting out the Nativity

Cousin Christmas book exchange

The inside of the cake I made

I could hear the kids playing in the bathroom so I checked on them and found this...the potty stool was turned over and filled with hair rollers. It was the manger filled with hay for the baby Jesus. They had the lights of so they could have the Star shining on where Jesus was going to be. 

The vehicle that was going to get Mary and Joseph to the Inn

The star

Baby Jesus in the manger. OH HOW I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Popcorn and a Disney movie

Opening up Christmas Eve pajamas

Decorating Cookies for Santa

Santas gifts

Christmas Morning

The kids decided to do some service and shovel a neighbors driveway. I love the patterns they made in the snow. Just like how kids would shovel a driveway!

Dad's date to the Temple Square lights

They even rode on Trax

All bundled up

We hosted a pancake and pajama party for Variah with her neighborhood friends

L-R around the table starting with variah, Talia, Harper, Sophie, Scarlett, Lexi, Halle and Gabbie

Drawing snowmen on their plates on their heads

Sucking up cotton snowballs with straws

We visited Pop and Larlie

On the owlet baby monitor we caught Nevaya doing a new trick

Sneaky little girl!

We had to do some work on the van so we did breakfast at Denny's

Happy New Years Eve Dinner with Jeppsons