Monday, April 30, 2018


Easter was General Conference and April Fools Day!

Easter Basket for Daniel

Nevaya's Easter Basket 

Everett's basket

Variah's Easter Basket

My Easter Basket

Loving our Robin Egg Lipstick

Nothing better than church on your couch

For April Fools Dinner I made a Caesar Salad Cake

I got the idea from Food Network magazine

I included "ranch dressing" aka frosting to drizzle on the salad

Sometimes she likes to wear her bowl on her head

It makes for some fun hairstyles!

Look at that cute little girl

Poor Everett! Molluscum getting better though 

When you have syrup on your hands, don't try to blow your nose with toilet paper!

Variah was dragging Nevaya around the kitchen

Nothing entertains a toddler more than tupperware and utensils

Variah's long hair before she got it cut...

She looks so cute with her hair bobbed

Just wearing Variah's helmet

I love seeing this girl reading

She made her own book 

And so did Everett

Whipped cream for the win

Almost all gone

Making pretzels

Daddy daughter date to get new shoes and a trip to Burger King

Look Mom I look like Larlie

Doing some cosmic yoga

Daniel was staying in a hotel downtown for Convention so we joined him for a swim and dinner

I forgot my swim bottoms. I had my swim top and swim skirt. So I got to wear Daniels work out underwear! 

Eating dinner. We put towels on the floor to help keep Daniel's floor somewhat mess free...

She was pretty tired driving home

Everett was pretty excited he earned all his stickers for staying in his bed all night

Parents and Pastries

I love seeing this little one sleeping

Tyson and Ashley came to teach the Activity Day girls how to make suckers. Tyson was really cute with the girls!

Love me some baby cuddles

This look says it all

While at convention Daniel was playing goalie at an event and split his pants!

Variah gave me this note with the biggest smile on her face. I read it thinking it was melt my made me laugh instead. I love the honesty of kids!

Dressed in their Easter clothes...since Easter was General Conference weekend we wore the Easter clothes another Sunday. 

A Semi in the pick up lane at school. What?!

It was quiet so I went to check on the kids and found them like this, just reading in their room.

She just needed to rest her chin on the blender while it was going. Haha

Miss Variah being silly

I was packing for an upcoming girls trip and found that my neck pillow fit perfectly on Nevaya's head!

All ready to play outside

Underwear on heads always makes me giggle!

And I'm off...I flew out to Florida to meet up with my mom and sisters for a Carnival Cruise. Daniel wrote me this note to open when I got to the airport in Florida. 

We were all starving when we got to our hotel, so the girls got Wendy's and ate it in bed. 

See you in a couple of days Miami

Daniel wrapped little presents and put them in my luggage to open on certain days. It was such a fun thing for him to do. I loved opening each one!

Doing the safety drill

One of the gifts from Daniel

Eating our yummy food

My mom was so excited to see what towel creations were left on our beds

I played in a game on the main stage of the cruise. I won a travel version of Monopoly. In order to be a contestant I had to show off my awesome dance moves to be picked from the audience. 

All of us did Parasailing in Key West Florida. It was a blast!

Annie didn't want to have us in the picture apparently 

Walking around Key West after our Parasailing

A bird pooped right on Caitlyn's head as we walked under the trees. Pretty gross!

Picture of my family back home

Eating frozen Key Lime Pie from Kermit's

I learned about an organization called the Book Fairies that leaves books for people to find and read. So I decided to bring one along with me. This is where I left my marked book. 

Having some fun with the statues at the port

The first time Daniel and I came to Key West as part of a cruise I did the same thing with this statue, so naturally I had to recreate the picture.

The size of the ships is always so amazing to me!

Another gift from Daniel

Guy Fieri from The Food Network has a burgers and fries place on the cruise ship. I could have eaten there for every meal...except breakfast. SOOO GOOOD!

One of my favorite Carnival dishes, the Strawberry bisque. 

We decided to go to a Karaoke lounge. It was so funny because little did we know that we would be the minority! The place was packed, so we quickly walked to some empty seats, sat down and then looked around to see everyone else. This little section of about 10 women was the only caucasian group in the whole place! We learned some songs we've never heard before. Our favorite was Tyrone.

We went to a comedy club later that night and Chels got this huge slice of Cheesecake. I had forgotten how much she loves cheesecake. 

Cute Annie brought us all matching bracelets. 

Formal night


We did a snorkeling excursion. My mom had to work very hard and be very convincing to get that orange life vest. But she got it and was able to snorkel with the rest of us. 

They had these inflatables out on the water the provided lots of entertainment-mostly because one of us would fall off or be ridiculous on them!

Last day...Sea Day


crafting on the cruise. They had all the supplies we needed to make dream catchers. 

Pictures from home of the family doing a picnic

It was a nice get away. Hard to go home to making meals and the responsibilities of motherhood, but my family was waiting at the baggage claim for me with hugs and smiles. It was good to see them. 

Such a cute little face

Rather than getting curtains that the kids could pull off the wall, we use place garbage bags as blackout curtains. We do velcro at the top and take them down during the day, then re adhere them up on the window at night to keep the room dark. It is so helpful during the summer when our kids are going to bed at 8:00.

This set up was to keep Nevaya out of where Variah and Everett were playing. 

Nose Noodle

I looked over to see this little one playing in the dirt

Oops, all of dads sweaters pulled off the shelf

Variah had to do a school project of an unusual pet by combining two animals. We combined a horse and a bunny rabbit. 

The Jordan River Temple was rededicated after some construction work was done on it for a couple of years. We went to the open house. This golf cart shuttle picked us up from our car and drove us to the entrance. The kids loved the short ride. 

I sure love this family and love knowing that because of Jesus Christ and Temple Ordinances, I can live with them for Eternity!

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