Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Rashes...I just hate them because they have so many different causes! I don't even know what caused this rash on Everett's arms.  But it sure was there!

President Monson passed away on the 2nd. 

I was watching something about President Monson and sweet Variah had her Book of Mormon and water bottle all ready to watch with me. 

This girl is 11 months old!  Getting her to sit still for these pictures is next to impossible.

This kid loves Jell-O and was so excited. He also loves to show off his muscles. 

Reading time

She loves to lick the sour cream spoon

Learning how to dip his Wendy's fries in his frosty

Love that face!

Just playing Barbies-Everett got a boy Barbie doll so he could play along with Variah

I bought a bunch of bows for Variah's hair and made this bow holder so we can have them all in one place. 

The kids first dentist visit! Variah was a rockstar and was totally fine doing it all by herself while Daniel and I were getting our teeth worked on

Everett wasn't so sure about things, so the tech let him help her while she worked on Daniel's teeth. 

Nevaya likes playing Barbies too...and by that I mean chewing on the Barbie toys.

A bulletin board I did for V's Kindergarten teacher

Watching the funeral for President Monson

I walked into my room to see these trucks all lined up under my bed...Oh Everett!

Debbie asked me to make cookies for the family to have at the dinner after Camille's Missionary Farewell Address.  Camille was called to the Indianapolis Indiana Mission. So I did the state of Indiana and a dot for where her mission will be and used Camille's favorite colors. 

All packaged and ready to go

Some of the family with the missionary cookies

Variah had school off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so we went to the rec center to swim

This little girl loved being in the water

This little guy loved sitting with me on the sideline and watching 

But Everett LOVED going down the slide once we convinced him to go through the sprays of water to get to it!

My dad had knee surgery so I asked my sisters if they'd want to go to my parents house to watch my dad's favorite movie and hang out with him. His favorite movie is Mary Poppins. 

It was fun to do and my dad got teary eyed watching the movie. I was glad we did it!

Just doing some work with his tools from Christmas

I made some Temple cookies for the youth in my ward turning 12 this year. The primary presidency asked me to make them for a special meeting they were having. 

This girl loves hats-putting them on and taking them off. 

First Day in Primary!  He was so excited and ready to be in Primary with Variah

Her latest trick

Another educational boredom buster for Everett. I had him circle/circle stamp all of the A's.

Oh I love that face! All strapped in  and ready to help me grocery shop

Sitting together watching something on TV

The rescue vehicles all ready to save the pink pony

I decided my freezer needed to be organized...Before

It's really nice knowing where everything is and being able to pull out drawers to get to the things I need.

Our kids have been walking with our neighbors Gerry and Dena when they take their dog for a walk. They feed soda treats and they love spending time with them. Well, I got a text from Dena that they had to put Soda down due to health reasons. The kids and I cried a bit and then I had the kids make cards for Gerry and Dena. 

Everett asked for a picture with his cement mixer...He's so cute!

Variah got to be the special kid at school. She made this paper about herself and all the things she loves. She did a great job. Just look at that cute face!

coloring the box...I think it became a ship?

I don't know why Variah made this, but it sure is a sweet note

Washing dishes together

Practicing some hairstyles for Valentines Day

She loves eating noodles, this was noodles from chicken noodle soup

So this is the invite I made for Nevaya's first birthday party. I had Daniel and my friend Julia proof read it and then I sent it off to our family.  Duh! Nevaya's name was spelled wrong! Oh dear, of all things to get wrong! Other than that I think I did a good job designing it. 

I made 2 cakes for Nevaya-1 for the pictures we had scheduled at a photo place and one for her party. 

I tried on her pictures outfit to make sure it all matched and fit. I made her the onsie and headband and bought the skirt. She looks pretty cute

The birthday cake all ready to go for pictures

The birthday cake all smashed...boohoo! I set the cake on this counter, had Variah and Everett sit in the chairs across from it and went outside to get the rest of the stuff for the pictures. Daniel was bringing in Nevaya. When I got back in Variah and Everett had shocked and surprised looks on their face so I looked and saw the cake smashed, face down/number down on the ground!

You can see right on the floor where it landed. Thankfully it just flopped right over so the plate didn't break. Daniel climbed back in the van and raced home to get the second cake! Not a good start at all!

Nevaya did NOT want to smile. Normally so happy and smiley but not for the photographer!

Cake #2 for the solo cake picture

Cake #1 aka already smashed cake for Nevaya to smash even more. Cake #2 saved for the birthday party

"Well that was fun...what else is there?"

We sure love having Nevaya in our family!

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